Welcome to The Infinite Journey!

Hello! I am Deb, Certified Crystal Healer and Spiritual Entrepreneur… at your service.

I am passionate about utilizing the powerful energies crystals hold, to help balance and heal the mind, body and spirit.  Fully certified, I can share with you the secret of crystals during a relaxing and rejuvenating crystal healing session.  These sessions are designed to realign your energetic frequencies, remove emotional blocks and allow for deep soul learning, healing and spiritual growth. To enhance your experience, I am also an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader.

I use the gifts I have in a simple, meaningful way.  No weird stuff. No ‘Hocus Pocus’ and nothing to make you (or me) feel uncomfortable.

My personal journey and an abundance of experiences have brought me this far and I now enjoy using that knowledge and understanding to help others. My crystals sparkle and sing, and my cards speak to me. When combined, they are powerful and intense. To some of you, that might sound a little bit ‘out there’, but this is what I personally believe: If you have a gift, you should share it with others who could potentially benefit from it.

My services include crystal healing and grounding sessions, crystal toolkits and grids, as well as card and oracle readings, – uniting spiritual mediumship and the powerful energies that surround us all to give guidance to those I work with. I can assist you to find the answers you seek and the peace within, to allow you to travel on your own Infinite Journey with confidence and clarity.

I believe life is an infinite journey.  It is the infinite, endless cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual existence.  Journeys should never be taken alone – I would be honoured if you were to allow me to join you on your travels!

Connect Soon!