White Feathers

Until a few years ago, I never really paid any attention to white feathers.  When I finally did, the fleeting thought of ‘Hmm, there are quite a few birds flying around with bald patches’ went through my mind as all of a sudden, the darned things were everywhere I went (It’s a bit like the phenomenon of never seeing a red car on the road, and when you realize it, suddenly the road is full of them!) Of course, I have to make the point that, when changing duvet and pillowcases there will also be an abundance of white feathers floating around which are totally unrelated to this topic!

You see, it is said that ‘Feathers appear when angels are near’.  This can be a tough pill to swallow if your belief system doesn’t welcome that train of thought. But please bear with me as I try to rationalize the phenomenon of the White Feather.

White feathers symbolize peace and in the Bible, metaphorically they represent love and protection.  In Native American culture, the white feather is worn in headdresses to strengthen the connection between the spiritual and physical planes.  It also symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth.

If you have a life changing situation and you are reaching out for help, to see a white feather can signify that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.  It can also mean a loved one who has passed over is nearby and watching you. It is a sign, and a comforting sign at that.

I have had white feathers appear before my feet out of nowhere. Literally, it wasn’t there one minute, and then it was.  At times like this I have picked them up and just looked stupidly around me trying to figure out where it has come from. I have had thoughts about loved ones, only to turn and find a feather right there in front of me. If I have been agonizing over a situation, a white feather has appeared – you guessed it – out of nowhere. They are always the same; brilliant white, clean and fresh – the quintessential sign of purity.

Angels are pure.  Love is pure. Feathers are the sign that encompasses it all. I hold on to the precious thought that I am being watched, protected and listened too when I ask for the help that I may need.

So, next time a white feather appears, pick it up and put it somewhere safe.  Someone is letting you know they are there for you.

May the White Feathers find you <3



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